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Dear Applicant,
Online Application for Residency
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If you are not presently employed or have additional sources of income, please indicate the source and monthly amount you receive (i.e. pensions, social security, disability, grants, loans)
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RECEIPT in the sum of $100 is hereby acknowledged. This deposit is to be returned to the undersigned if the application is not accepted. If accepted, this sum will be applied to the security deposit. If you do not enter into a lease after we accept the application, actual expenses incurred in the processing this application will be deducted from the deposit and the balance will then be refunded. Fill out and sign the application, then simply drop off, fax or mail (6840 Schroeder Road Madison, WI 53711) your $100 check or money order to reserve your apartment. We will be unable to reserve your new apartment home unless we receive both the completed application and $100 earnest money. The application hereby certifies that the information given herein is true and complete to the best of his/her knowledge and further authorizes investigation of all statements contained in this application for residency as may be necessary. If any information provided is false or misleading, the landlord will refuse to rent to such applicant and refund all earnest money deposited.
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